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Are You looking for a NABL BIS and Tec Approved Electrical Safety Testing Laboratory?

NABL BIS TEC Approved Electrical Safety Testing Laboratory

Electrical Safety Testing as per International/European Standard EN / BS EN / IEC / ISO / DIN

Are You looking for a NABL BIS and Tec Approved Electrical Safety Testing Laboratory?

If you are searching for a NABL BIS and Tec Approved Electrical Safety Testing Laboratory, then you are at the right place, We will provide you Testing and Certification service for Your Products.

NABL BIS TEC Approved Electrical Safety Testing Laboratory - EMC EMI testing - Electro-Medical Device Testing- Mechanical safety Testing

We are pleased to inform you that, we have ISO 17025:2017 NABL, BIS and Tec Accredited testing facility in India. In order, to enable global acceptance NABL, BIS and Tec maintains linkages with international bodies like International Laboratory Accreditation Co-operation ILAC and Asia Pacific Accreditation Co-operation APAC

We have testing facility for all types of Electro-Medical and Electro- Mechanical safety testing, e.g. IEC / EN 60601, ISO 80601 series, IEC / EN 60204, IEC / EN 61010, IEC / EN 60950, IEC / EN 60335, IEC / EN 61439 and etc.

People also ask about Electro-Medical Device Testing:

We can do electrical safety testing of Electro-Medical Device as per Popular standards IEC 60601-1, IS 13450, Medical Device Compliance Testing Services.

What is electrical safety testing of medical equipment?

The main purpose of performing an electrical safety test on medical equipment is to ensure patient safety. It is important to test equipment for any electrical internal breakdowns and leakage currents, as well as damage to power cords, AC main feeds, fuses, and power bars.

Is IEC 62353 mandatory?

IEC 62353 does not apply to manufacturers and cannot be referred to in medical device regulation.

What is medical device testing?

Medical device testing is a critical step in the process of transforming an innovative design into a reliable and marketable product. Our testing puts your product through a comprehensive medical devices industry assessment and helps you demonstrate compliance with standards and regulations around the world.

How do I sell my medical devices in Europe?

To sell medical devices in the EU European Union, you must obtain or apply for CE Marking Certification for your product. CE Mark indicates that your medical device complies with the applicable European Union regulations and enables the commercialization of your products in 32 European countries.

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We are looking forward to having a discussion on this subject and help you to meet the product requirement as per standard criteria via, verification, testing, and thus complete compliance. We also cater our support services for EMI/EMC testing as per IEC 60601-1-2, IEC 61000, IEC 61326, etc standards.

People also ask about EMI EMC Testing:

A critical step to bringing a new product to market includes EMI and EMC testing.  A summary, guide, or tutorial about the basics of EMI EMC testing, EMC compliance testing, and the EMC test equipment needed as well as EMC testing services and EMC test labs or EMC test houses.

What is EMI EMC testing?

EMI/EMC testing is a critical step in bringing a new product to market.  Emissions testing - measures the amount of electromagnetic noise generated by a device during normal operation. The purpose of these tests is to ensure that any emissions from the device is below the relevant limits defined for that type of device.

What is the difference between EMI and EMC testing?

EMI stands for electromagnetic interference and is an electronic emission that interferes with components, RF systems, and most electronic devices. The difference between EMI and EMC is that EMI is the term for radiation and EMC merely is the ability for a system to operate within the presence of radiation.

What is an EMC test?

EMC testing measures the ability of equipment or systems to function satisfactorily in their electromagnetic environment without introducing intolerable electromagnetic disturbance to anything in that environment.

What is meant by EMI and EMC?

EMC Electromagnetic compatibility and EMI electromagnetic interference are frequently referred to when discussing the regulatory testing and compliance of electronic and electrical products.

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People also ask about Machinery Safety tests:

We are Offering machine safety assessment, testing, and certification by industry standards ISO 13849 and IEC 61508 

What should you check for before starting machinery?

Make sure the equipment is properly grounded before use. Check that keys and adjusting wrenches are removed from the machine before turning on the power. Inspect stock for nails, staples, loose knots or other defects before cutting, planning, routing or carrying out similar activities.

How do you perform a risk assessment machine?

Machine Safeguarding: Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction

Here is the Step by step Process:

Identify Machine/Process.

Engineering Controls

Collect Proper Information.

Awareness Means

Gather Proper Individuals.

Create an Appropriate Risk Reduction System

Administrative Controls

Observe Machine in Use.

Personal Protective Equipment

Hazard Elimination or Substitution

Accurately Estimate System Costs

Identify Hazardous Areas.

Provide All Required Services and Materials

Identify the Risk Level.

Conduct Follow-Up Risk Assessment

Evaluate the Risk Level.

Process Close-Out and Sign-Off

What are machine hazards?

A machine hazard occurs at the point of operation where the actual work is performed and can be created by components that transmit energy, such as pulleys, belts, chains, gears, couplings, or flywheels or. other parts which move while the machine is working, including reciprocating, rotating, and transverse parts.

Why is machinery safety important?

Moving machinery can cause injuries in many ways: Sharp edges can cause cuts and severing injuries, sharp-pointed parts can cause stabbing or puncture the skin, and rough surface parts can cause friction or abrasion.

People also ask about mechanical testing:

Mechanical safety Testing- Involves an evaluation and testing of a product's shape and design, and whether sharp edges or points can result in user injury

What are the mechanical testing methods?

We provide a variety of destructive testing methods all over India.

1. Impact Testing

2. Fatigue Testing

3. Tensile Testing

4. Fracture Toughness Testing

5. Stress Rupture Testing

6. Shear testing

7. Hardness Testing Laboratories

8. Fastener Testing

9. Residual Stress Measurement

What is mechanical safety?

Mechanical safety testing is a specific type of safety evaluation that involves the assessment of the mechanical aspects of a product, and the conditions under which a mechanical failure could pose a potential safety risk to users.

What is the purpose of mechanical testing?

Mechanical testing or engineering tests are performed to determine various mechanical properties of materials such as strength, hardness, ductility, toughness, brittleness, etc. There are several types of tests to determine various mechanical and physical properties of the material.

What is a mechanical stress test?

These tests test the impact of external stress on component joints and repeated use of the product over its service life cycle.

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