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We, ITC India, are a leading testing company having a quality management system as per ISO 17025. We also providing technical guideline for CE clients along with performing inspections and testing for CE certifications. We offer complete solution of CE Marking certification services including Technical Guidance, Documentation, and Testing.
Our Lab is fully equipped with high accuracy Measuring Instruments & trained personal to provide testing and certification Services for Electrical & Electronic equipments. The Laboratory is following the procedure as required by International Standard IEC 17025 and is already certified for ISO 17025 by NABL and IABCBL .

Hello everyone and welcome to the ITC INDIA are on electrical safety testing a complete overview part to this is the second part to that men are the two guys that some fuel attended a last time which was to complete or you part one presented by Puneet the child's key today we're gonna continue with that and further enhance our knowledge on electrical safety testing my name is P.sharma and I will be presenting this have not today I'm the applications engineer here associate research before we get into
me to developing our up few quick notes for you guys to have a UN a utility to ask any questions concerning the material being presented and any questions related to the running up the meeting but a issued audio or video should be addressed to our holst chain Tennessee to our chat wearing also know that the stuff in our is being recorded and will be available to view usually between day I'll on our website if you have any shoes the again but the all your viewing if you need a copy of the presentation please feel free to contact Puneet sharma and feed email  at itcindiaone@gmail.com yes research to come he would be send you a copy of this presentation the first K I guess we have enough people on board to go ahead and begin with our today's webinar before we get into the material disrupting our like just with quick recap of our what Nick when or part on this virtual city to slip in our arm electrical safety testing the definition of safety and some electrical shock hazard examples recovered in the previous up in our some examples of safe and safe test methods examples recovered and also you guys are presented some training resources to help you further understand which safety testing requirements support was all covert and again for those of you who are not able to attend the previous Bernard this hat this was recorded it is available to view on our website case today be we'll be covering I'll basically some the most common sexual safety tests gonna be going over each of those tests and then retire understand verdi East there and when are these tests required Umberger touch some samples from standards nets were gonna get into up bit to give you some tips and tricks to find the right testing device for you to see meets interviewed samples and next a gonna be giving you some tips and tricks

What not to testing so that better Sen I'll electrical safety testing and up and that you're not supposed to things that can be I'll shock hazard and then form open for question answers and while I'm presenting feel free to I'll use the Q&A facility our chat lang to ask any questions the materials for that okay before we get into the complex safety test the questioners white elite test built as we all know safety agencies have implemented and enforced electrical safety testing for one main reason but just protect consumers from potentially fatal electric shock many most injuries and electrocutions costs by either electrical products but faulty inflation or a product but the defeated safety grounding system inflation any question up it's used basically separate power line circuit from every from lolol its circuits isolated power supplies um the chassis or the case product this insulation.

Its the prevents current from ordinary I'll household outlet or any power source up you know it is a almost unlimited power source from becoming hazardous but finding a ground at but something that is not meant to be ground and for that very reason the up the electrical safety tests that were gonna be covering today a performance East tests bill verify and ensure that the a device

Our product being tested as a as a proper safety grounds proper and strong up insulation to to there any leakage currents our faults arm we also from our last lab in our remember that the products are testified intellectual products have been basically broken down into tool categories for safety testing
class  and class  once again this is a sorry for view from our previous governor but it's important know before P get into the safety tests clasp on product is basically terminated three-pronged line cord space for the consisting of hot and neutral important and in hurt ground connection to chest there as the if you recall access to products also known as double insulated products have Lord ground connection chest since the test itself is usually made of some insulating material such as plastic sector of see a here's a list of the most common national safety test that the associate research products a testers are able to perform and starting with the ground continuity tests its probably the most simplest all tests that's the ground on test the dike electric but stand tests also known as I test insulation resistance test and finally the touch screen tests more commonly known as claimed he kissed before we get into details of each piece tests um bait I'll electrical safety tests are broken-down two separate groups designed or tight tests and correction lying a routine test type test a our design test are use the profound to detect try to flaws doing the sign state of an electrical product and these are conducted on at the engineering level these are conducted on samples of the product you should be conducted by the manufacture and or the safety agency the object is to a detect product flaws doing that designs an electrical products so the and also I'll to determine if a product as design and manufacture manufactured meets their crime standard and as we all know safety standards are designed to insure worse product safety by uh governing agencies like you l'├ętude ABC and also the type tests are more rigorous Trish liked routine tests routine tests are performed on each product end of production rain so basically a routine tests are also used the required to perform on  percent of the products even if the slippy up for sale to the consumer these are designed to ensure the safety of the end-user product some samples of routine tests are the dialect with stand test ground cult movie test actually run tests and also depending on the type of product additional tests may be specified as routine tests by the manufacture and safety agency to guarantee acceptable level of compliance

The Electrical safety standard  now the penal um type tests routine tests adjustment to our first and
electrical safety tests which the ground continuity test as the name implies ground continuity test basically use tool arm verify at that a device our products safety ground connections has been made properly and it is a continuous ground connection and from down which we all know that grounding electrical equipment provides second line of defense against electric shock all were and both the basic inflation product and this grounding up the metal enclosures are exposed dead metal under equipment also establishes common ground or earth reference mean multiple pieces of equipment which may be in
close proximity to each other now it is the ground currently test is calmly it's normally requires a hundred percent fracturing test on electrical equipment to verified that there's continuity in the ground circuit the device for example when insulation up of part folder develops a fault being the th circuit
and expose metal parts the ground connector provides had for the dangerous fault currents to return to the system ground at the supply source of the current dived ground circuit is awful low enough impedance the current circulate through the ground conductor equipment enabling the circuit breakers a few just open by grounding the exposed metal parts on normal the kids crying is basically safe eroded ground and does not float people touched the product now ground currently tests the low voltage a CRTC signal I'll applied from the chassis of the product Graham in it is the typically performed occurring under  to check the ground connection is continuous and permanent now we all know that the school only work if well the user does not defeat the safety crown a product know that sometimes up you know I'll it often happens that the user defeats the safety grounds by removing the ground prong from clock by using no ungrounded  prong adapter because these practices are so common products three-pronged lie in court are still required past die electric voltage stern test just as a ungrounded test products but think red integrity of the ground

I'll circuits what protects the operator if a fault should occur and the installation of that's one product also that the ground huh moody test it does have its shortcomings I'll for example the ground connection to a product should be rated to handle its law minal input current in case a fault occurs and labeled it becomes president on the products metal enclosures now some testers equipped ground cut moody function only give an indication if cut Moody's present therefore Tess operator has no way of knowing but the impedance

Our strength of the ground connection aground cut moody tests the could grave will pass a product that has only one strand of wire connecting its chest to the ground but if a fault were to occur this connection may not care look capable of handling input current product and it could create an open ground condition and a shock hazard soul for this reason many the the product manufacturers have been turning to the crown on test as a more tar alternative to the ground cut more details bitches the next test at birth I get into ground contest well the ground bond test art ground impedance tests up is used to determine whether the safety crown connection for product can adequately handle fault current resulting from what I electric breakdown basically verifies the integrity of the ground connection between expose metal and ground by I love the power cord house run hi kindest thing checked it into the ground pin up the products up our report which floats to the chassis of the product and the tester determines if the safety gun buyers capable of handling excessive current flow in case a fault occurs products mission feels here's the basic circuit for ground ball on and also Cronkite would test

You can see here on the left side we have to the tester ground bond test sir and on the right side is product the power cord typing and high-current will be applied ground and measurement is made up by it children method and the result above ground by test is the in alms gives gives us a a measure of for how good the ground conductor for product is and I'll if it's capable of handling any fault currents ground hence protecting the user is under I'll diagram for ground bone test feel most the SATs showing that the drum bun test has detected the the ground of a product is not good enough for handling any fault currents here's another quick picture of our up hand-held cool I'll being tested for ground bond test up the picture PLR high and three from associate research scissor dedicated ground bond forty campground bon tester so quickly going back to the car ground continuity tester just that compares been gone cut moody income on test well ground very Crown Court only test verifies G existent of existence above ground connection the crown on tests graphic take already of ground connection ground cut moody test quick test set up and easy to perform and its use the users in extra feature during peak test there's the ground on test provides more valuable safety information about the device being tested um see now by simulating a fault a failure condition and circulating excessive current through the a product's ground connection the ground bond test helps to verify that the integrity of the ground connection to earth is solid and good enough

Now should have products insulation feel this low impedance ground connection is if stencil to ensure that the people fault current bill flow to the ground and not person that comes into contact but the device a with the devices metal soldier know many safety standards art acquired I requiring a ground ball on tests to be performed by manufactures as a  percent wrestling tests in addition to a type tests for example arm I'll that and also the test parameters for a ground bond test

They can vary from standard to standard manufactures must console the safety standard they are trying to comply with before setting any test parameters very important no because up before setting any test parameters product manufacture must have called information for s parameters and for that the need to consult standards that they're trying to comply with for example arm do well mind of up for IT equipment called out for the test test current to be twice the fuse rating the product or twice the current rating up to circuit under test the tests will ditch is not to exceed trial bolts and the duration of the test to be seconds to its ground among test can be running a CRTC mode based on in basal product and the safety standard

Whatever to safety stand is calling out for okay so nets were gonna jump jumping to die electric but Stan test which is also refer to  pot tests this is one of the most common electrical safety tests and is performed by usually by the product manufacturers this test is design to basically stressed products inflation far beyond what it would tired during normal use the sump tin that if the inflation can withstand much higher voltage for a given period of time it should be able to function adequately edits normal alt level for the for the life of the product and that's why we have the term voltage test this test is it celebrate application libels this potential being the mains input and any expose death metal on the product the resulting kitsch due to the application of this high voltage is measured determined by their products inflation with able to withstand behind voltage without breaking down this tests verified that inflation product is capable of protecting the user from any leakage current as a results of an electrical fault but the products the product here's little circuit for a showing us the die electric withstand test out setup routes run as you can see be high voltage the plight maintain but of the product under test and the router and the resulting.

Its current is measured up on the chassis up the product now in addition to I'll or stress and intonation test up the test is also performed to detect material and workmanship defects and most importantly small gap spacing between turned carrying conductors in it go but a product is operated under normal conditions in my mental factors such as MIDI dirt by breaching shock and contaminants controls the
small gaps allow current so which can create shock hazard if the defects if not corrected at the factor yin order test can uncovered this type of defect as well as the triple digits dentist the most ill government most agencies a safety agency that require the die the trick voltage withstand test verified that a product design meets their standard but it is all to require the hundred percent routine traditionally test for every product manufactured here's the other diagram showing how did I that reported stand tests run to conceive the green trees is what strongest up the high-voltage being uptight mains input and game the result indicates be measured of the chance yet product under test here's a failure condition in simulated up this is where its showing that the inflation has feel and a um a love leakage current is Gina is floating on the surface of the a the Cherey at the tute its again came you know was a shock hazard for the for the users isn't a picture of  the offer great basic device fan in this case being connected to a High Park tester sold leakage current as we all know its president in every product to some degree the kids crying becomes a problem beaches excessive level to die electric breakdown on a result of a high five tests are a dialect withstand test is usually displayed million ants my cramps depending on the Test Type noticed tests performed both class  and past two products test can also be performed in both AC and DC mode again based on the safety standard the te small tits and trip settings must be specified by the a manufacture in accordance with the standard the safety standard they're trying to comply with most safety standards specified tests for this to be calculated using the following formula which is to times are Triter products rated voltage those thousand volts for example if your product is rated at volts.

Your high part test alters the two groups said would be twice it two times one current rainy to forty plus thousands or trailer in forty all pure iPod test voltage no game this is a basic rule of thumb for setting iPod test voltage but again one should always kind refer to the standards that they're trying to comply with to get the correct the test parameters for this test next spring to cover insulation resistance test and for begin to insulation resistance tester like to remind you all once again that the sweeteners be recorded and feel free to use our Schwinn a facility to ask any questions be a to our chat line um we have Puneet Sharma with the available to answer any questions that you may have on our chat like also the test that we're gonna colorings have been our um for in our upcoming seminars were gonna be going to a lot more details about these tests or this is this is just in college introduction to the touch safety test types not covering he took these tests a lot more detail in the upcoming seminars so I would highly encourage you all to joining us for our seminars Katelyn insulation resistance test this test is basically use to provide the manufactures a product with them quantifiable value for your business since up their products inflation the inflation recesses very similar to it defeat die electric but stand test it stresses the same installation.

Our product as the high five test hence this test is the Morse the views come the specified actual safety test it for the inflation is scant test I is a people tease across the installation of product and measures the cursed funny kiss crane which is used to catlett the resistance upbeat insulation although all Morse insulation resistance testers have a variable output voltage this test according to the standards is usually specified at  to it house in waltz the result this test is displayed in their a if the resistance measurement and it is most commonly performed on serviced repaired units to verify it the integrity of the product now the result base and results this test high and delicious its value is what indicates good insulation all dole this test is related to the hype but tests insulation resistance test provides more information about the device being tested which can be useful thinking of certain applications and furthermore the ir tests are insulation resistance tests is up sometimes called out by safety dance used to be performed subsequent we hire to a high five tests in order to make sure that the do you the products insulation was the not damaged as a result the high-voltage being applied to it like other electrical safety test the test parameters of entire test  should also be pace on the standard that that manufactures trying to comply with here's an example from p.m. he and dash one which is the standard for safety of machinery specifies a  all DC test power circuit conductors and protective fun in circuit and also the resistance should not be less then one may go on picture below in the bottom and see up basic transformer being tested for insulation resistance also in they seriously test are always performed using that DC voltage this is due to their real MD reactive turned components produced as a result up the diff of the devices die electric are the insulation applying a DC people teach to a device mmm basically negates the reactive or imaginary current component caused by the product passed since and allows the insulation resistance test form true real crying measurement  that's next we're going to be covering line will be kissed tests this test is most commonly farm on I'll buy and use by medical equipment manufactures

What differentiates this test the a the the other Test Type that covert is that this this test is run products filed the product is running are functioning as normal Selena his test was performed on electrical products to measure the leakage current this could flow to a person's to a person while the product is operating a measuring device issues to simulate the impudence up human body I'll under different conditions depending upon the application of the product this test can be run under both normal and single fault conditions and reverse polarity on D input line power at at a hundred percent  percent red input against most common performing medical equipment is a typical circuit for Elaine Qwest has and see a the different switches here s s and s and also be Mb the measuring device to which is a based on the standard that the two the products trying to comply but these switches s s and s are what can setup simulate different fault conditions during this test knocking the measuring device can vary from standard standard here's an example of a mission two ways for year which is the standard from medical electrical equipment you can see the measuring device consisting of a up basically resistors and capacitors and simulating him by the impedance once again people have in upcoming seminars people career all the stairs and lot more detail especially like just test for medical device testing nets were going to get into up giving guys some tips on how to find there right tester so she research has up complete line of electrical safety testers that are capable of performing most common electrical safety test that features spent over in this webbing from stand-alone testers all in one test safety compliance analyzers and complete met tests.

We have a testers for US and the international market but see each listing be to have custom software called auto airsoft fair a which is compatible with most of our units a our testers and to have for we do manufacture scanning matrices for I'll for mulch-point testing and combine all these things together became it allows the user to run for the automated mulch-point testing we also I'll you can also come up custom-built systems based on your specific test needs be to have for up for idea accessories and protective equipment to of so further make your testing simple safe and efficient and most of our testers come but safety features for such as the smart gf I form of for maximum a prayer protection here's an example of all of our I'll test results that complete electrical safety compliance analyzer called the Omani two series this tester is capable of performing the the dialectic but stand test crown on the ground cut moody the insulation resistance and functional tests such as like weakest test

We also have custom software available for full automation for this for the Omnia  along capability to perform mulch-point testing using scanners for more information on these the feel free to visit our website its www.itcindia.org and feel free to get in touch with us I'm you'll be you know more than happy to assist you in finding the right tester be also have stand-alone testers for performing individual tests cancelled previous pictures for their actual some examples of ground device being connected to a ground bound to stir you know we have um testers that can just perform ground bond test different current levels if testers just perform hype but test insulation resistance test and just landed his test and again we have world complete the of  in hour  textures as well circle be structural safety compliance analyzers now in order to find there right tester attest to that for the fifth your needs the first and foremost thing is to understand no and have all the information regarding did test details up what tests are required for your product for that you need to consult the safety agency or standard that you're trying to comply with and once you have this information available I'll it becomes lot easier for to find the right tester also the test parameters and and the trip the level setting must also be available before before you going to selecting a tester because want to make sure that you are selecting a tester that is meeting all the meat and that is able to perform the tests at the parameters that you're expecting for we have well once again the sushi researchers as up excellent customer support to help customers understand their testing needs and find tester that best fits their needs.

We have for onsite training available along with up lot of detail training material white papers and of course they've been ours such as this one for more information feel free to visit us on its www.itcindia.org  call us at 08196980555 and we'll be more than happy to assists you with the finding the right Esther and also helping you with your specific test application K nets were gonna I'll cover and we're gonna go over some tips and tricks of things that you are not supposed to do then a running electrical safety tests now as we all know electrical safety testing requires taro understanding after test being performed and the product being tested so safe practices and proper operation training is very important to ensure that tests are conducted in the safe efficient better a sick electrical safety tests such as the ground bond test and the dialect but stand tests are very high current hi all these tests and peace test polls a safety hazard up Prater operator performing East simple precautions can be taken to ensure 'em operator safety for example a while it s is running the the operator ship not do not disconnect any test leads this can be a shock hazards can pull the shock hazard to the operator the skin also arm arm be damaging to the tester itself or the device being tested game do not connect any additional cable deletes twin from the tester when the tests running so when it s is running you are already.

All the literature that's provide but the but the tester not attempt to the you know test use this to the tester in conditions in my mental conditions that are beyond the specification that the tester be tools specified a a range of up you know my mental conditions temperature that humidity humidity levels et cetera in which our testers ish be joost so to be highly encouraged not to use the tester biondi's specifications also did not attend to perform tests on product better not meant to be performed for that  product this means if you have a product that Syria and Uruguay to run say you know a particular type of test do not try to perform any extra tests on this product this can also prove to be a harmful to the operator and damage your device are product that you're trying to test once again if you're not familiar with the device do not attempt to use the test device because if you're not familiar with the device once again these debate has devices are capable of outputting very high halted at high current so if you are not familiar with these devices do not attempt to I'll to use these also be to specified holler up input the parameters for our testers so do not attempt to power up a test device but in unknown power source outlet death a game can the to the a hazard safety hazard and also damage the tester itself or the product that you're testing also tonight assume anything about the functionality of a tester always read the manual be BL be every detail oriented manuals arm that you can call were and again if you'll if you have any questions or any application or any functionality of a tester that you already are using from associate research feel free to give us a call I'll um you have a query helpful staff of sales guys and applications cool to be more than happy to help you guys any questions another very important point is to not tamped to defeat protective brown pa report by using an extension cord without a protective conductor once again.

When you're discussing the crown coke will be in the crown on tests note that this some some people to try to defeat the crown up of the power cord by using an extension cord without a protective conductor not do this to this can lead to race use issues safety shoes and issues but the product being tested also denied to replace the power supply cord a for any tester that from associate research within improperly rated court I'll and not lot the ventilation slits during operation most of our associate research testers have ventilation States and fenced cute cool down the testers because they are sometimes outputting very high voltage and current speech can heat up the internal circuitry so do not make sure you do not blog these ventilation are covered these these can the two Sears damaged tester and also to since safety concerns another very important point is not to perform any electrical safety test in or around DFT areas ESPN much safety testing tool not go together your own one to ground the tests operator because this can be harmful or fatal electric shock also I'll be highly encourage for those of you who are already using our testers me I'd encourage you not to use any test series that their not approved by the manufacture that its by its sheer research be have a I'll very up used the successor is that peace that are approved by us to pick you spit our testers and be highly recommend choose excess resist is our proof fire and you know these are safe to use our testers but that said I'll think work done covering the um morse the material for today's weapon are I will now like to the  open for any questions that you may have for doing up during the pinar on any any anything that was presented any test types specific questions once again at like to remind you that the Scrivener is being recorded and the the test tapes that be covered in this material um people be covering these much more detail in the upcoming webinars soul sir stay with us for for our  season that the NARS RB though this will help you along the way understanding election safety testing and we'll also be doing some butler's specific applications such as medical up device testing sect Russell that BB be helpful little too few who are in that field.

I would now like to leave the forum open for questions: user test chat first lady and India like to thank you all for time and patience attending the step in our be  email chain can see if you wanna copy of the presentation the up for this a banner he said get and we get one that just came in here a second ago and I thought this would be a good one to address to the group um the question is how do you stay at lunch the amount of current used for the trigger threshold hi podcast so in other words what they're wondering as how do they set their leakage current threshold for iPad testing okay well be just had a question for up I'll I'll regarding how to set the hype but current trash holtz up but I guess you're talking about the hype but tests the high limit the limit this can be done air in a a few different ways but but the the my own preferred B is to run up I basic the samples products more longer products so let's say you write your you run Lake five to ten different products and measure the each the anomaly kitsch that shit that you're seeing I love these good known good products and basam this you can set your high and low limits arm up a basic rule that use here at AR is to find that beverage the kids out of a sample of products and sold will for the high limit.

What we can do is begin said it begin to a  percent that value up so basically safe your high limit is averaging out beats two million ants you're gonna ups for a height limit be recommended said to move the M's us percent off to move the amps and for low limit  to move the amps minus  percent up that up of  million up so that's that's a that's a good way of setting your high angle print specials I'm any other questions days we're still here I'll feel free to ask that any question that you have okay I think were a you have any more questions coming up at this time

I'll once again feel free to email us with any questions you have up on this presentation will be happy to answer any question that you have I think we're up we're going to and the session right here so thank you again

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