How to Check LED Star Rating?

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What is ENERGY star label means?

LED star rating

The motive of the energy stars is to help humans and organization to save money and emission of green house gasses.  Any structure or product that got the energy star receives the blue logo as shown above.
It is very important to adopt the energy efficient practices, to lower the operational cost and to reduce pressure on energy grid. It will definitely reduce the global warming, a result of emission of green house gases like CO2.  
BY adopting the energy star logo, we can contribute to save our ecosystem.
The energy consumption varies with products, for example a 500 lts refrigerator will consume, 1 star rated model would have annual consumption of about 490 units, 2 star would have about 380 units and 3 star would have about 290 units.

What is ENERGY star qualified?

Energy star qualification is to achieve common goal to protect the environment for our future to adopt more and more energy efficient appliances
Energy star qualified means that the appliances (with energy star logo) uses 10 -50 % less energy as compared to other appliances.
Innumerable reasons can be given for the usage of energy star appliances……..
  • Lower the utility bills or pocket friendly
  • Better quality and durability
  • Enhanced performance
Energy star is a symbol of energy efficiency. It defines new homes, buildings, appliances and many more products. Products that can earn ENERGY stars are windows, refrigerators, Air Conditioner, Geysers, Bulbs, Tube light and house hold appliances.

What is ENERGY star Program?

Energy star is program initiated by U.S environment Protection Company with an aim to save and protect the environment form the harmful green house gasses in future. Use of Automobiles, Air conditioners, refrigerators and many heat generating equipment's has increased the emission of green house gases hence increased the global Warming.
So, to protect the environment, ENERGY star program has been introduced to promote the use of energy efficient appliances to reduce the emission of green house gasses. 
Now the ENERGY star Label can be obtained on new home , building, Electric appliances, lightning, home appliances, office equipment's, IT and many more. 

What is Star Rating?

Star rating is not a measure of power used. They are a relative measure of how efficiently the power is used. It is rated between 1- 5 stars. More the number of rated stars, more energy efficient. 1 star is less energy efficient than 2 star than 3 star than 4 star than 5 star.

What is LED star rating?

Today is the scenario of LED lighting. Benefits of LED, made the world switch to use LED lights instead of traditional lightning.
Due to the problem of the manufacturer, tapping to this lucrative business but compromising on the quality, the star rating on the LED lightning is soon coming to help people.

LED rating depends on two factors:

Watt: It defines the energy consumption of the LED and lumen per watt: It defines the amount of light produced in a unit power. Lumen per watt is the measure of energy efficiency.

Here is a table which shows the rating of the LED

Lumen per wattRating
Less than 801


90-104 3
105-120 4
More than 120 5

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