LM 79 Test Laboratory for LED Street Light

LM 79 Test Laboratory for LED Street Light 

LM-79 Testing for LED Street Lights

ITC India NABL Accredited Electrical Safety Testing Laboratory provide LM-79 Testing for LED Street Light (45W & 60W) includes accreditation for Solid State Lighting Luminaires, Total Flux Measurements (Luminous Efficacy) & Solid State Lighting Luminaires, Luminous Intensity Measurements.

The Testing to be conducted is as follows(Testing as per standard):-

Test to be conducted under LM 79:

  1. Measurement of Total Luminous Flux & Luminous Efficacy
  2. Color Characteristics (Chromaticity  Coordinates, Correlated Color Temperature & Color Rendering Index)
  3. Light Intensity Distribution Test

IES LM-79-08 Testing Parameters,  LM-79 Testing Approved Method: Electrical and photometric Measurements of Solid-state Lighting Product

LM-79 Test Photometric Results:

Colorimetric Parameters:

  • Chromaticity coordinates: (Chroma x / Chroma y / Chroma u(u’) / Chroma v / Chroma v’)
  • Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)
  • Duv Value
  • Color Ratio
  • Peak Wavelength (nm)
  • Half Bandwidth (nm)
  • Dominant Wavelength (nm)
  • Color Purity
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI – Ra)

Photometric Parameters:

  • Total Luminous Flux (Lumens)
  • Luminous Efficacy (Lumens/Watt)
  • Radiant Power (Watts)

Electrical Results:

  • Input Power (Watts)
  • Input Voltage (Volts )
  • Input Current (Amps)
  • Power Factor
  • Input Frequency (Hz)

Additional Parameters:

  • Stabilization Time (Light and Power) = 60 minutes
  • Test Geometry Configuration = 4π
  • Spectroradiometer = (Lisun LMS-9000A Plus)
  • Ambient Temperature = 25.0°C

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