Luminaire Testing Laboratory

Liminaries Testing Laboratory ITC INDIA IEC/EN 60598

Luminaire Testing Laboratory,ITC India is an independent source of photometric test reports for the lighting industry. In addition to producing Roadway, Floodlight, and indoor Photometric Test Reports, ITC India also performs ballast characteristic testing, electrical system testing, mining vehicle luminaire testing, and absolute photometric testing. ITC India uses two computer controlled, Type C, swinging mirror goniophotometers to test luminaires.

ITC India' LM-79 luminare and lamp testing fully evaluates the assembled luminaire for total flux, electrical power, efficacy chromaticity, and angular distribution of light. Our testing facilities are equiped with multiple type-c moving mirror color goniophotometers and integrating spheres up to 3 meters in diameter - ideal for testing large troffers and street lights.

ITC India specializes in the measurement of Solid State Lighting per IES standards including LM-79. Our laboratory is CALiPER recognized LM-79 Testing, LM-79 Testing for ENERGY STAR for SSL, and is accredited to provide test and measurement under ISO 17025

ITC can provide LM-79 reports for:
  2. LED Lighting Facts
  3. DesignLight Consortium
  4. California Energy Commission Title 24
The standard test report includes:

  1. Luminaire Efficacy
  2. Zonal Lumen Density
  3. Visible spectral power distribution
  4. CRI
  5. CCT
  6. CQS
  7. Chromaticity coordinates
  8. Color over angle
  9. Various electrical measurements
  10. IES file 

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