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Are You Looking For IP67 Testing and Certification on your Enclosure?

IP67 Testing and Certification for Enclosure

IP67 Testing and Certification for Enclosure

If Yes! Then You are at the Right Place, We can provide you IP67 Testing and certification for your Enclosure

What is IP67 testing?

IP originally established by the IEC International Electro-Technical Commission stands for  International Protection Rating. The first digit indicates the protection level from solid objects or materials, the second indicates the Protection level from liquids and fluids (water). In this case, IP67 can totally protect against dust ingress. As for the ingress of liquids, IP67 can protect it for about 30 minutes.

How to Get IP67 Testing and Certification for Enclosure?  IP 67 Testing Procedure

Here is the process of Getting IP67 Testing and Certification for Enclosure, We can do Enclosure IP67 Testing as per IEC EN 60529 Standard

Two types of IP67 Testing:

  1. IP67 Dustproof Testing and 
  2. IP67 Rainproof/waterproof Testing 

IP67 = IP (Ingress Protection) 6 dust-tight + 7 protection from liquids, immersable to specification 

1st Digit- Protection Against Solid Ingress:

  • > 50mm gap for entry 
  • > 12 mm gap for entry
  • > 2.5 mm gap for entry 
  • 1.0 mm gap for entry 
  • Dust protected 
  • Dust-tight 

2ndDigit- Protection Against Liquid Ingress:

  • Vertically dripping water 
  • Dripping water tilted at 15 deg
  • Spraying water at an angle up to 60 deg
  • Splashing water in any direction  
  • Jets of water from any direction 
  • Heavy seas or powerful jets of water 
  • 6K Powerful water jets with increased pressure 
  • Harmful ingress of water when immersed between a depth of 150 to 1000 mm (5.9 - 40 in) 
  • Continuous immersion in water 
  • 9K Powerful high-temperature water jets 1 

What are the Test Equipment’s Used for IP 67?

  1. Dust Chamber
  2. Motor Drive For Spray Apparatus 
  3. Jet Test Set With Flowmeter
  4. Gauges And Test Probes
  5. Drip Box
  6. Water Supply Unit For Drip Box
  7. Turntable For Drip Box
  8. Tube For Spray Apparatus
  9. Motor Drive For Spray Apparatus
  10. Telescope Support
  11. Spray Nozzle
  12. Wall Electrolift For Drip Box
  13. Water Jet Hose Nozzle Dia
  14. Jet Test Set
  15. Tilted Support For Ipx2 Test
  16. Water Distiller
  17. Dynamometer
  18. Jointed Test Finger

If You Want to Purchase/Buy IP67 Testing equipment, We Can Provide you at a Reasonable Price

How Can IP67 Testing Improve Your Production Processes?

  • Test for product quality and performance issues, which can help reduce warranty costs
  • Introduce opportunities to improve product reliability while reducing liability
  • Improve methods of producing more parts with less scrap, minimizing waste
  • Verify process control validations through test results

What is the charge of IP67 Testing for Enclosure?

Answer: Charges Depend on Product Dimensions, Costing Start from 10000 to 1lakh

What Are the duration or Time Periods of IP67 Testing for Enclosure?

Answer: You will get a test report within a week

If You Want IP67 Testing And Certification For Your Products!

We have a testing facility of IP67 Testing and Certification to provide you an official quotation please share the Product's details like (dimensions + photo).

We are Providing Testing and Certification service all over India, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat, Visakhapatnam, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Noida UP - 201304,
If you have any Requirements for testing on the product, please feel free to contact us.
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