Vertical Road signs and Variable Message Signs Testing as per EN 12966

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Then you are at the right place. On this website we are not just going to pitch you to hire us, Our Testing Experts provide you lots of valuable information on Vertical Road signs and Variable Message Signs Testing, what, why and how to do Vertical Road signs and Variable Message Signs Testing. ITCIndia One of the Best NABL Approved Electrical Safety Testing Laboratory Providing Vertical Road signs and Variable Message Signs Testing as per EN 12966 Standard.
The International standard for Visual Display Message Sign is EN 12966, It emphasis on the limits and requirements on the basis of Visual/ Optical performances/ Requirements, Physical/Environmental performances/Requirements, Electrical Safety Reqirements/ Characteristics & EMC that can exist in the ambient atmosphere and deteriorate the safety and performance of the various visual message displays under Road Safety Signs.
The Visual performance includes: Classification, Colour characteristics, Luminance , Luminance Ratio, Beam Width, Uniformity and Visible flicker. EN12899
The Physical/Environmental performance includes: Classification, Environmental Requirements (i.e. Resistance to Temperature, Resistance to electrical/electronic components to the effects of pollution, Resistance to Corrosion & Degree of protection provided by enclosure-IP Level), Structural Performance (i.e. Resistance to Horizontal loads, Passive safety of VMS Support, Impact Resistance, Vibration Resistance), IEC 60664-1, EN 12899-1, EN 12767.
The Electrical Safety requiremenst comprises of Electrical requirements (i.e. Electrical Supply and limits, Electrical Safety) and also includes various safety Tests as per standards like EN 50556 Testing, EN 60950-1 & EN 60950-22.
The Electro Magnetic Compatibility Tests consists of Emission & Immunity Testing requirements as per EN 50293.

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