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ISO 7175 Testing Labs | ISO 7175 Testing Laboratories

ISO 7175 Testing Labs | ISO 7175 Testing Laboratories
ISO 7175 Testing Labs | ISO 7175 Testing Laboratories

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Request for Impact Testing Report as per ISO 7175

ISO 7175 Testing ISO 7175 Testing[/caption]
Part 1 - Safety requirements of Children Cots and folding cots for domestic use 
Part 2: Test Methods of Children Cots and Folding cots for Domestic Use 
Internal Length between 900mm to 1400 mm
This standard applies to cots that are Fully assembled and are ready to use. It is possible that additional requirements be applied for cots that can be converted into other items (e.g. changing units, playpens).
This standard does not apply to carry cots, cribs, cradles, rocking and swinging cots
Clause 4 of ISO 7175 part 1 specifies the SAFETY REQUIREMENT apply both before and after testing as per ISO 7175 part 2

Safety Requirement as per ISO 7175 -1

S.NClause Test Requirement
14.2.1Material and surfaceMust meet the requirement of ISO 8124-3
24.2.2Flammability of textile coated textile and plastic coverings  The maximum rate of flame shall be 30 m/s in accordance with ISO 8124-2
34.3Initial stabilityThe cot should not overturn in accordance with ISO 7175-2 (Cl 6.2 ) and protruding partsEdges shall be round and free of burrs and sharp edges screwThis screw shall not be used to fasten components when dismantling the cot for transportation. and decalsShould not be used on the internal surface of cot sides and ends partsIn accordance with ISO 7175-2 and WheelsShould not be fitted exception are there holesNo accessible hole between 7 mm dia and 12 mm dia unless depth is less than 10mm. between cot base and sides and end s25 mm cone shall not pass between cot base and sides and between cot base and ends. in mesh sides and ends7mm cone shall not pass through the mesh openings. between slats of cot base60 mm cone should not pass between two adjacent slats of the cot base. in the mesh of cot base85 mm cone shall not pass through a cot base made of mesh.
144.4.3Head Entrapment on the exterior of the cotIn accordance with ISO 7175 - 2
154.4.4Shear and squeeze pointsIn accordance with ISO 7175 - 2
164.4.5Snag pointsIn accordance with ISO 7175 - 2
174.4.6Locking SystemAll cots should be equipped with at least two locking system
184.4.7Cot baseIn accordance with ISO 7175 - 2
194.4.8Sides and endsIn accordance with ISO 7175 - 2
204.4.9Cot rimNo filing shall be removed from cot rim when testing as per 7175-2, 6.6 bite test
214.5Final StabilityThe cot should not overturn as per cl 6.12 of ISO 7175-2
224.6Mattress size  The distance between mattress and sides shall be less than 30mm
235PackagingThe plastic covering should be tested as per ISO 8124-1
246Instruction for useRead carefully and alphabet size >5mm
Part 2 Test Method: Children’s cot and folding cots for domestic use
ISO 7175 Testing 2
This standard is designed to prevent the child from climbing out. Does not apply to swing and rocking chair.
Test equipment
Test forces must be applied with a suitable object like cones, cones of dia 7mm, 25mm, 45mm, 60mm, 65mm, and 85mm made of plastic or other hard materials are required for applying force.
Measurements/ Testing
1 . Before testing, Assemble and inspect the cot visually. Tight all the fittings. Determine whether exposed edges, screws, bolts, zips, and other fittings are rounded off and do not have sharp edges.
  1. Measure the height of sides, holes, and distance between slats of cot base, mesh width, side slats, clearance between cot base and sides and ends.
  2. Impact testing
  3. Stability tests
  4. Locking and location device
  5. Bend testing
  6. Fatigue testing
  7. Endurance testing
  8. Static loading testing
  9. Inspection
  10. Mechanical testing
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